Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Nanaimo Day

My friend, Beth, who reads this blog revealed an aspect of her nature when we travelled in India together with our mutual friend, Bruce. She was often disinclined to every invitation but then, rather than be alone, she’d often have a change of heart, join Bruce and I and then thank us profusely for the experience.
I thought of her and that pattern today because I dreaded having to go alone to Nanaimo. But what a difference it makes on a sunny day. I attribute a huge part of the success of the day to its brightness.
Chalise was here for the pets and I had no deadlines so I was relaxed and it just rolled out beautifully.
At the pet store, I loaded up on supplies — lots of them. My bill was $463 but I’m only allowed to charge $400 with my bankcard so I said: “You / take / some / back?”
She said: “Are you in a hurry?”
So she did a bunch of things on the computer and I left paying $401 (the $1 in change) — and got a free t-shirt.
At the nursery, I got a whack of plants (including some Fragrant Mountain Sweet Boxwood) and this clerk basically said the same thing: “Do you have a few minutes?”
“A lot of the things you want are going on sale in April so if you can wait, I’ll check what each of these are going for in April and I’ll only charge you that amount.”
Why would she do that? For that matter, why did the clerk at Bosley’s extend herself so graciously? I’m absolutely convinced it’s my inability to speak. As I go through life with my disability, I trigger empathetic people to acts of incredible generosity.
But it wasn’t just the people. I also found all the stores easily. I even Wallmarted for the first time (and valued the experience). They have super cheap gardening supplies and, of course, sweatpants. And right beside it, a Best Buy where I got a new mouse. My old mouse was crap and it’s just a delight to have a working one again given how much I use my computer.
I got a lot of things done and I had a really good time. The ferry waits are easy peezy; I had New Yorkers and Diet Coke. And coming home is great too, back with Sheba, Fred and Ethel, back with my cookies and the spa on a beautiful day and all stocked in my essentials.
It’s been a very, very good day at Pinecone Park — and all because I was forced to go to Nanaimo for an x-ray. Like Beth so often was, I am super grateful for my experience today and I already look forward to going back.

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