Monday, March 12, 2018

Sheba Surgery Day

Today: Lydia and David leave this morning, Sheba goes in for her spaying and I get to spend the day alone. I’ve had the best time imaginable with Lydia and David. Oh my God, we are compatible. They are family; I love them in that way only time can deepen. I hate that they are leaving but I am going to enjoy being alone on nicest, warmest day of the year so far.
I feel sick about what’s ahead for Sheba in the next several days, but I know it is for the best and I will care for her diligently. The cats will have a great, great day in their porch today because it will be so warm. (Plus, now that everything is done, my fluency is back.)
I’ll garden today and do one more quadrant of my sign.
Yesterday we had another casual morning highlighted by a Skype conversation between Steve and Tim in LA and Lydia, David and I here.
Then they went on a driving tour of the island and I baked a chocolate cake and cleaned the place up. When they got back, we made the salad and ordered the pizza, hurrying so we had enough time to hot tub before the party.
They described places that sound beautiful. I haven’t seen much of the island at all but they description of the Twin Beaches area made me super keen to go asap and often during the summer.
What was truly awesome was leaving the dining room doors open all day so the cats and Sheba could go out into the porch and sunshine. It was that warm.
The porch, the deck furniture, the barbeque and the plants — all on the huge back deck — are an awesome layout. I am truly going to enjoy summer here.
The party went really well last night, thanks hugely to Lydia co-hosting with me. She made the party work, greeting people, taking their coats and helping serve. (I had one light seizure.)
Also — final note — the fountain is just wonderful. The sound it makes is soothing and it looks great. When the courtyard is made, it is going to be an incredible part of my garden.

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