Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Beth Arrives

My plane to Vancouver departed at 7:20 so I arrived in Vancouver super early for my breakfast date with Cathy. Then I went to see Sue, my respiratory therapist, the chocolate chop and then to see Dr. Shoja. It was a super emotional session that ended in a double hand clasping at the end.
She said: “Some effective working relationships are more so when the parties involved ‘click.’ I think we ‘clicked,’ don’t you?” I could not agree more but I sincerely appreciated hearing her express a certain enthusiasm for our sessions so I booked a visit for September.
I did the best job I could to express my gratitude. I finished by saying: “I feel like I have a beautiful garden growing in my head that would not be there were it not for you and the atmosphere of safe you create.” And she thanked me for that.
I explained the intent of my metaphor: The flowers in my garden come from seeds of memory and insight, they sprout and grow through my effort but she is the master gardener whose education facilitated my botanical success.
I lucked out with that woman.
Beth and Bruce were waiting for me when I came out and we had lunch together — three long-time friends who’ve had lots of adventures together. Then Beth and I said goodbye to Bruce and off we went to the seaplane and the skies had cleared.
When we arrived Patsy welcomed us and then Beth and I came home. She installed herself and then we got in the hot tub and I opened a bottle of Veuve that we finished with Patsy and Paula when they arrived with our supper.
We had a great night together.
The most unusual moment was when a man pulled into my yard in a car, got out and came to my front door. I’d left my keys in my postal box and this lovely man somehow determined they were mine and where I lived. (They have a “Chris” key ring that Beth gave me, so that helped.)
Just before four this morning, the cats woke me. They make a lot of noise trying to tear the walls down to get the mice out of their hiding places.
I’m up way too early and I’m bagged but it’s expected to be a decent day and soon I’ll learn how Beth wants to fill it.
And so … the adventure begins.

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