Thursday, September 6, 2018

At Eternity's Gate

One of my favourite films of all time is Before Night Falls. The way it begins with rain leading to running water to a stream to a river to the sea is mesmerizing. It’s made by Julian Schnabel, a respected visual artist, so I was not surprised it’s imagery was so startlingly beautiful. 
Then came The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. It, too, was overwhelmingly emotional and beautifully shot. I think Mr. Schnabel a cinematic genius, but he doesn’t make many movies. He has, however, another one coming out in November and it’s about Vincent van Gogh—a man about whom I'm passionate. 
The film is called At Eternity’s Gate and it stars Willem Defoe as Vincent and it also stars Oscar Issac (as Paul Gauguin) whom, for me, is the handsomest actor on earth. It debuts this November.
The trailer is on YouTube here.

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