Wednesday, September 12, 2018


They’ cam back—and in a big  way!
Kelly and Barbara (the buyers of the forest lot next door to me) came back again yesterday and they came with a bulldozer that immediately went to work clearing the lot. The dozer operator is pushing the trees over (not felling them) and he’s taken down trees quite close to my property. There’s going to be much more light on my vegetable garden.
They worked only a half-day (not work in the afternoon) and already there’s a big change; my office window is letting in more light. Thankfully, my log home pretty effectively muffles the noise.
My only goals for yesterday were to have a couple of nice walks with my canine partner and to rest. I felt exhausted all day; Monday was a whirlwind of activity so a day of rest yesterday was essential.
I’ll be curious to see if he resumes work today. He may have stopped yesterday because of the current fire hazard rating.
It’s still overcast every day. It’s rather gloomy and there’s the constant threat of showers but few actually fall. The blessing is that it’s still reasonably warm so my lawn is coming in nicely and walks with Her Highness are still lovely. But it’s weird how it can be sunny every single day for four months and then turn so suddenly into this gloom. Since the weather changed, there’s been nothing but thick cloud.
Last winter was a tough introduction to island life. There were many storms and power failures but this year may be easier on me. Last night on the news there was a report that there is a seventy percent chance of this being an El Niño winter which means less snow and cold for us here. 
I’ve been watching Bodyguard,  a BBC crime drama starring Richard Madden (a new favourite actor) and Keely Hawes whom I adore since seeing her on The Durrells.  Bodyguard scored the highest launch ratings for any BBC drama since 2006, with a consolidated audience of more than ten million and it was easy to see why. It’s gripping right from the beginning. It’s certain to be on Masterpiece Theatre  sometime in the future.
And speaking ofMasterpiece,  I loved watching The Miniaturist  on Masterpiece  Sunday night. The costumes are absolutely fabulous. It’s not often one sees period pieces set in seventeenth century Amsterdam.
The weirdest thing about the #MeToo movement is how people (mostly men) are losing their jobs without any trial. Don’t get me wrong: I like seeing misogynistic assholes get their comeuppance but it is out of synch with our core value of innocence until “proven” guilty. I believe the accusers. Still, due process is the correct way to do things. 
I am appalled by society’s response to the #MeToo accusers and the accusers of the Catholic clergy. The Catholic priest abusers have not paid for their crimes for the most part. The church just moves them around and it’s disgusting. (I was raised Catholic; I can be critical.) I wish the victims of abuse by priests would sue the leaders of the Catholic Church, and the church itself. 
I’ve been thinking about what to do with my ladies. I’m thinking of a very short exhibition next summer when it’s dry (so I can move them from my studio to the truck without getting them wet) and when there are lots of tourists.
It’s a folly because they can’t really be sold and I have to rent the hall and a truck to move them—more expense after making them all. The whole exercise is a giant money burn but it’s been an interesting and very, very satisfying journey.

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