Saturday, September 8, 2018

Farm to Table

There’s some blue sky this morning. A good shot of sunshine , if we get some, will be excellent for my developing lawn.
Sheba and I are going for a good long woods walk this morning so I can then leave her alone to go to the Farmers’ Market. This afternoon I’ll likely take her to Drumbeg for more exercise because tonight is the Farm to Table  meal and party and she’ll be on her own for quite a while.
I’m  meeting Jay at the Post Office so that he and I can proceed to the party together. The Farm to Table  is on the Commons land. We have to take our own glass, plate, cutlery, napkin and take-home container. Together, Jay and I will find François and Ian who invited us to go. We’ll be four, eating together.
I’m really keen for this event. As I’ve written here before, I’m proud to be building friendships with Jay, François and Ian. And I’m really keen to experience an island tradition; this will be my first because I avoid crowds like the plague. But I’m nervous. We’ll probably be eating at large tables and there will be lots of people—it’s sold out.
But I’m doin’it, hoping for the best and with some confidence thanks to Dianne. She complimented me twice on how I respond to my seizures. It was a wonderful gift for which I’m really grateful.
She was here when I had a pretty bad seizure this past Spring that really shut me down. But during this visit, she saw three seizures and was impressed by how I just carried on afterward. Two of the seizures happened right in the middle of a sentence. Each time, I got two words out and then, wham! I was gone. But when it was over, I just picked up where I left off; I could remember what I was talking about.
I live with this condition every day; I’ve been to Hell and back—Hell being the first year of life after this condition set in when the seizures were violent and I had ten-to-twenty and day. Still, it’s very hard to understand “how it works.” And I know that if I’m still confused and amazed, my friends have no hope of ever understanding why I stutter so badly and have seizures all the time.
It’s been two-and-a-half years now though, and we all know it ain’t goin’ away. We’re all learning to live with it and that’s why attending this event tonight is significant for me.

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