Sunday, September 16, 2018

Just More Rain

Last night some deer came and started eating my new lawn. My neighbours may have seen a senior in his underpants, flailing his arms and hissing to scare them away if they were awake at 4:00 am.

A cooking teacher recommended this olive oil as being the freshest olive oil available. The New York International Olive Oil Competition rated it as the “World's Best Olive Oil!” I got it online. Something else I got online, to reward myself for my experience with Grant yesterday, was a dozen of my favourite chocolate bars by Francois Pralus.
The combination of my morning experience with Grant yesterday, plus the rain of the day, had Sheba, Fred and Ethel and I passing a quiet day at home. I felt no guilt because this morning we go on the community dog walk.
Today: More rain. What happened to Indian Summer?
I’m learning this year about how little there is to do during bad weather. Last year I came in October and we had quite a bit of lovely weather and when the rains came, I was kept very busy with Darrell building first the fence, then the studio, the porch and the courtyard so I didn’t ever want for things to do.
This year will be very different. I’ve no projects I want to do and I’m still unclear about what I want to do with my ladies—and when. Consequently I’m becoming very good at chilling—getting comfy on the couch with a blanket, refreshments and a New Yorkeror a book. 
Yes! A book! I’ve discovered that if I hold what I want to read on my left side, my left eye does most of the work. It’s fabulous. It’s my right eye that’s shot.
I found several YouTube films wherein actors talk about working with accents. Many of them mention that they use their accents off screen during the entire duration of their filming.
Some of them mention how weird it is for their family; others spoke of some of the accent “leaking” into their normal speech. Kate Blanchette, in one, saids that when she stops using the adopted accent between scenes (and reverts back to her normal speaking voice) she can have difficulty “finding” her accent again. And she’s a pro!
That made me feel great because people think it’s easy.
For the past several days I’ve been unable to speak in my own voice. But I don’t know that until the phone rings or I go into the village and I try to speak. When I realize I can’t speak, it always takes a second or two for me to “find” Dingo. 

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