Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Sunday and Monday

Sunday morning’s dog walk was eventful. 
·      I could barely walk because my hip was so sore. As we started, I wondered whether or not I’d last the entire walk, (I did.)
·      I met Amy, the woman who runs the local public library. We strolled and talked together for much of the walk.
·      I was invited to join a small group of dog walkers who walk each Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.
·      I met Chris, a dog, and another Sheba.
When we got home, we ate and then I decided to try to track an order I’d placed on Amazon and I discovered I’m an Amazon Prime member. (True to form, I have no memory of purchasing my membership.) That means I have access of another online inventory of films and TV series similar to Netflix.
At three o’clock—Wham! Like a switch had been thrown, the sky very  suddenly cleared and the sun came roaring out. I got directly into the spa and then Sheba and I went to Drumbeg. We had to; it has been too long.
Then it was Sunday night. Yay! Endeavour  and The Miniaturist. Yum!
Then to bed and it was torture. Turning in bed was agony and because of the pain, I kept waking up and remembering my dreams.
All my life my dreams have been about being lost or separated from my things/friends. Things are always going wrong in my dreams—always! And last night between the pain and that nature of my dreams I felt ready to throw in the towel. I was as unhappy as I’ve ever been.
I am so sick of being the lost person. I’ve been having these dreams my whole life and, as I say, I am sick, sick, sick of it.
Thankfully my hip is less intensely sore Monday morning because I went to meet Bev in Nanaimo for coffee and then go to visit Jane and Dana in Parksville. 
The breakfast with Bev was eventful in that her son recently was in a terrible boating accident and has severe PTSD. That gave us a lot to talk about and it felt good to put all my (dreadful) experience with symptoms to good use giving Bev insight into what her son is dealing with.
Then I went to Parksville, met Jane and Dana and we went to Beach Acres Resort at Rathtrevor Beach. Black Goose Innis a gorgeous semi-historic site and wonderfully warm and welcoming staff; it’s like eating in a movie set. The pub is more English than an English pub. It was just fabulous. 
Then we went for a very short walk. All three of us were having mobility issues, and then, as I motored home, the sky cleared again and sun shone hot on my shiny bald head.
I went immediately into the spa and Sheba sank into a coma she was so tired. It was a great day. I’m very happy that such great friends have moved into this rich and wonderful part of the world so that we can explore it together.

Black Goose Inn is a former private residence that is opulent in
the extreme. The restaurant and pub are fabulous.
All around the grounds of Beach Acres Resort are little cabins
that are in a magnificently maintained lot overlooking the sea.
This is the review from the resort and restaurant.
This is the endless Rathtrevor beach.

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