Tuesday, September 18, 2018

J&B Day

It’s bloody chilly this morning. What the Hell happened to Indian Summer?
I baked a huge chocolate cake for John and Bunny’s visit and prepared one dish for tonight’s dinner. Plus, I cleaned, tidied and took Sheba for a couple of walks. 
I listened to the Emmys as I baked. Amidst all the egos and sequins, I thought Elizabeth Moss was the seriously impressive. Little make up, simple but gorgeously cut black dress and classy in every way. I really respect her. She shone in an evening that was bankrupt of intelligence, sophistication and beauty (except for the impromptu engement).
I also loved seeing—although very briefly—Vanessa Kirby who really impressed me as Princess Margaret on The Crown. Otherwise, I was not impressed.
At the end of the night I was thoroughly pooped, so I got in the spa and old Mr. One Eye, saw (I think) the International Space Station moving through the sky. It was such a clear night I could see it easily and because it was moving much faster than the satellites I have seen, I think it was the ISS.
Since my breakdown, getting into bed has always been a risky emotional time. I have no idea why. Last night was edgy. I could feel myself sinking into doom as soon as I got into bed and I hate  when that happens. 
I reached out to touch Sheba and it was like I’d taken instant-acting medicine. As soon as I started caressing her, I could feel the anxiety receding. I have the world’s best dog and  I love that she chooses to sleep with me.
When the sun burst through the clouds in the early afternoon yesterday, it felt very  good—it felt like I hadn’t felt sunshine in months. On one of the walks, Sheba and I went to Descanso Bay and it was breathtaking. Today and tomorrow we get more sunshine: It’s perfect for J&B’s visit.

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