Saturday, September 1, 2018

Todd and Jessica Day

Was it all the work? Was it because guests are coming today?
I had two bad seizures this morning—my back arching, breathing impossible and my mind full of the darkest of thoughts. When I’m in the throws of it, it’s hard to believe it will stop and I wish I could just die, especially during the second one.
I turned off all the lights and my radio. And I unplugged the fridge so that there was complete quiet and I drank in that quiet and welcomed the pressure of Sheba’s body against my legs to feel myself again—to drive the demon out. The trouble is, I have no idea what the demon is.
That worked. I felt better after half-an-hour of rest.
Today Todd and Jess come to visit Pinecone Park for the first time. They are bringing their kids Hudson and Sahara and Todd’s brother, Mark. We’ve travelled together often before so I’m really looking forward to being together again.
Plus, I’m moving no soil today; I’ve no heavy labour to do today! Instead, I will adapt the studio for their occupancy and go to the market for fresh veggies.
Good weather is predicted until Wednesday. It will give the grass seeds good warm germination weather. And then the rain comes but on Gabriola rain is more like gentle showers and so it’s perfect weather for an emerging lawn.
Darrell asked me to wait on the gravel for the driveway. He says he wants to bury some water piping across the driveway for the vegetable garden first. He’s removing some of the water system at their old garden and installing it here. That must mean he’s building the raised beds to know where to put the piping so Elaine and I will be already to go come Springtime.

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