Saturday, September 15, 2018

I Rot

Outside: Rain, gloom and darkness.
Inside: Fire, food, books and pets. Cozy!
I will go to the market this morning, then I’ll come home and wish I had a boyfriend.
I had a friend in Rob. He was warm and affectionate … infrequently. It was exactly what I wanted—something casual but terribly meaningful. I was less important to Rob, but he pursued me and clearly liked our times together because he instigated every one of them over ten years. 
Then, this past February, he came over and was disrespectful and hurtful and I have not heard a word from him since and he left me disinclined to reach out to him. Sigh! I miss him still, I’m sad to say.
Yesterday I had a horrid experience! Sheba and went for a walk and I started to feel uncomfortable after about half an hour of walking. I felt a kind of burning sensation on my hip. I figured something in my pants—a stitch or embedded seed—had caused me to develop a friction rash. So I took a look. (There’s no one in the wood trails where I walk.)
The sight of my leg disgusted me—my skin was rotting. It was all pink and nasty looking and the rash had a bright red edge. It looked like some kind of flesh-eating disease— like I was rotting. By the time I got to the clinic, it was half-way down my thigh. 
Waiting in the lobby was torture.
It turned out to be a fungal infection. I’ve had them before but not like this. Dr. Majic wasn’t there so I saw a different doctor who said it’s a sign of weakness in my immune system. Now I have yet another medication. I’m a fucking pharmacy (but I’ve seen others who are far worse off.)
A giant bulldozer arrived at the lot next door and left a wellhead for the impending well drilling. I’m dreading the drilling because when they drilled the well for a lot cleared around the corner, the noise drove me mad.
And speaking of that other lot (not the one next door), I met the people who own it yesterday. They’re Ron and Marilyn and they are about to build their home.
Meanwhile, in the lot next door, they’ll probably start drilling next week and a well takes about a week to drill here because the island is solid rock—sandstone. It’s very noisy and they’ll be drilling in a corner of their lot very close to my lot. 
An acquaintance of mine is a contestant on The Great Canadian Baking Show. I can hardly wait to watch the series and see how he does. He’s a mighty competent man and many things. I’m really excited about the premiere that will be telecast in just over a week.

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