Monday, September 17, 2018

Idle Planning

I’ve chosen a (potentially temporary) name for the exhibition of my dresses and I’ve drafted a poster. Does it work, do you think?
Now I’m going to write a press brief story about the show. I’ll use the poster image for ads in the local paper and if I do that, I know they’ll run the story. I just want the show to run for three days during the summer. That’s my current plan.
I love this idle life. I read, I eat, I add a log to the fire and I curry the favour of my pets. I could do this forever.
Today, it’s barely raining and the sky is fairly bright. It feels optimistic so I’ll do some shopping and baking in advance of John and Bunny’s arrival tomorrow.  
Things I don’t want growing in my lawn are emerging from deep below and the deer are wreaking havoc with it at nights. There’s naught I can do. I’ll patch up damaged areas once the lawn is established. The next two days should help the substrate become more resilient to animal footsteps and disruption.

Today, I take down the hammock. Sigh.

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