Wednesday, September 19, 2018

J&B Leave

My phone stopped working. Luckily not my Internet so I chatted online with Telus to get a repairman. My medical alarm is hooked into the system so it doesn’t work either. The repairperson is due tomorrow.
I bought the Polaris Prize 2018 winning album by Jeremy Dutcher. (The award was announced Monday night in a ceremony that was a hundred times more real and moving than the Emmys. I love the album—Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa—and I’m so proud of him and his seductive music. It’s the first time I’ve bought music of and by our Indigenous people. His album is as beautiful as music can be.
Johna and Bunny arrived an hour late due to ferry delays, but the spectacular weather meant nothing mattered. We came home and quickly departed for Drumbeg. They loved it. We came home and I opened a large bottle of Veuve and we drank and talked, having a great old time. Then we made dinner together and they were very pleased with the meal. A short relaxing talk after dinner over chocolate cake and ice cream and then we were all off to bed.
The morning, John, Sheba and I took a long walk through the woods in cool fresh air. The sun was lovely and warm on our bodies. It’s still too warm for a coat.
Then I went in for a dental appointment whilst the perused the locals at Mad Rona’s coffee bar. Then we went to Descanso Bay for a walk and then I took them to the ferry.
Right after they left, it clouded over. I didn’t care. I was in the spa.
Tonight: Nada. Sheba and I chill with Fred and Ethel. The fire is lit, my book is ready for me to finish and if necessary…. A bit of TV.

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