Monday, September 3, 2018

Labour Day: MY Day of Rest

Jess and Todd decided to go home Sunday afternoon. We had a great breakfast and just chilled the morning away. Their visit was fabulous and now they know how easy it is to get here from Victoria and that my place is a nice place to relax.
I stayed home all day to keep the lawn moist. In the hot sun, it dries quickly. I’ll be stuck at home for two weeks tending the lawn except for any days that are cloudy or showery—but there’s only good weather predicted for this entire week.
By early Sunday night I was exhausted from the seizures and the company. I went to bed at 8:30 and slept for almost ten hours—me who lived for decades on four hours sleep a night. I have become a bed bug.
It’s bright and clear yet again. I’ll soak the lawn and take Sheba to Drumbeg for a morning adventure. I have to stay home in the heat of the afternoon.
This morning on a blog I follow by an artist in Brazil, I saw horrifying photos of an inferno that I thought were archival photographs. But they weren’t. 
Yesterday a massive fire broke out in the two hundred-year-old National Museum of Brazil, in Rio de Janeiro. It seems likely that most all of the institutions priceless Brazilian relics are gone. I just can’t imagine the horror of losing such an important cultural institution.
I happened to be in Cairo during the Arab Spring uprising and I went to Cairo’s prestigious Egyptian Museum that had been looted. It was less of a loss that has happened in Brazil but I felt sick pondering the impact of the loss on Egypt’s people.
Today will be a quiet lazy day. After all the work on the lawn and then guests, I’m pooped. I have the place to myself today and I plan to take it very, very easy.
I think Darrell will be back tomorrow to work on the vegetable garden. It hasn’t been my energy driving the garden; it’s Elaine’s. She is the boss in their family and she wants a vegetable garden. It will be fun to watch it come together and I won’t have a lot to do on it. It’s mostly Darrell’s work, but I will have to help with the wire fencing.

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