Friday, September 7, 2018


It’s growing! Like magic, over Thursday night, the lawn started growing. DR noticed it this morning. I’m very  relieved!  Tomorrow there may be some sunny periods and that would be perfect for more growth.
This morning, at four am, a thundering noise woke me. It was a downpour landing hard on my tin roof. It soon faded to light rain that didn’t stop falling until very late in the day. There’s been no rain since early May and now, suddenly, there’s been a dramatic change in the weather; there’s mostly rain predicted for the entirety of the coming week!
On Thursday, I proposed to Darrell that he leave the end of the vegetable garden un-fenced so that the installation of the wooden beds and soil is easier for us. And that’s what we’ve done. During the coming rain, he’ll build the wooden beds in his workshop.
DR and Dianne missed their ferry off Quadra Island so they did not get to my place until just after six o’clock Last night. I had dinner prepared, but we opened some champagne and sat on the deck getting caught up before we ate—and there were no wasps! They were here for the day today. We went to Drumbeg and had lunch at The Kitchen  before they left late this afternoon.  
I had three seizures when DR and Dianne were here and I spoke with them mostly as Dingo. It’s so unfair that I live for visits with friends and yet it’s visits with friends that bring on the symptoms. But that’s just the way it is.
As I write this, it’s 7:20 pm and the sky is suddenly golden after being densely grey all day. Perhaps that is a good omen for tomorrow and my lawn. Tomorrow I go to the market in the morning and I do my best to exhaust Sheba all day so that I can leave her here in the evening to go to the Farm to Table party on the Commons in the late afternoon and early evening.

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