Tuesday, September 11, 2018

David Night

The gravel is ordered, a dump truck full to cover my driveway that I’m going to have to shovel around. It’ll be the last big job of this year in the yard—that and touching up areas of the lawn that grow in thinner than I want. 
Monday began with a walk on a different trail—one that was new to Sheba and I. Now that Sheba loves a morning car ride to go somewhere for a walk, we can discover lots of new places.
When we got back from the walk I met Kelly and Barbara, the people who bought the empty lot next door to me. They were tramping around their lot, choosing where to locate their well (with the man who dug my well). He’s onto finding an arborist to fell his trees; they seem keen to get the construction of their house as quickly as possible.
I hope they clear their whole lot. I also hope that they won’t situate their home directly in the view of my office window where I spend so much of my time.  
Sheba and I returned to the new trail network in the afternoon and I heard my first frog in the woods, we came upon a beautiful Palomino horse named Cotton, her owner and her canine companion, Elly, a regal Poodle and I saw a huge hornet’s nest hanging beautifully from a tree by a single thin branch, looking like a beautiful ornament. It was lovely and warm (20°) and we had sunny periods and no raid.
At six, David didn’t arrive as planned. I’d made a really nice dinner and a peach tart for dessert, so I phoned him but it would ring once and then go dead. At 6:30 I emailed in case he could still make it and he called at around 7:00 pm.
He got here quickly and we had a great visit. We had lots to talk about having once worked together and then not seen each other for a long time. And we found we had a lot in common so it was a lovely evening.
I was proud of my tart. David, I think, liked it; I sure did. I made some whipping cream and I folded some puréed peach into it and served it on top of the tart. It’s got an almond base that is quite dense so the cream is a nice smoothing element.
My right eye is getting really bad. Instead of white, I’m now seeing more of a grey and the white is peripheral. I think I’m going to get an eye patch so I only see with my better eye when I’m typing—which I love  to do!

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