Sunday, September 9, 2018

Endless Wetness

After five months of sunshine we have this weather prognosis:

Well… All I have to do now is open the door and Sheba jumps into the car. Not only that: She does not want to go for walks in the woods nearby anymore; she wants the car ride to Drumbeg or somewhere equally stimulating. It’s a big behavioral change!
We went for our usual morning walk, yesterday. Then we went to the market. She stayed in the car but then we went to Twin Beaches for another walk. Then we came home for lunch and—and this is pathetic—so that I could cast orgasmic looks over the growing lawn. I’m so excited about having a lush green front yard!
At 4:00 I left to meet Jay for the Farm to Tableevent, just as it started to sprinkle. We went immediately to the Commons to meet Eoin and François, and then to our table. 
I had the best time! I was wowed by the whole thing: Four hundred people eating a meal together under huge tents. It was superb in every way except for the food; it was nothing to exclaim about, but it was all from local farmers. And Jay had a ball. He is off to Europe but when he comes back, he’s hosting a dinner for the four of us. I’ve really found some community here.
I saw many people whom I knew in Vancouver. That was a really wonderful surprise. And in a lineup for dessert, my biggest fear finally happened: She heard me talking as Dingo and she asked me where I was from. When I told her the truth, she was fascinated. She was also very, very complimentary about my accent. Her husband is Australian.
Today, Sheba and I will do a wet community dog walk. There probably won’t be a lot of dogs today. Then we’ll come home and I’m going to light my first fire of the season to keep us all warm and cozy on a rather dismal day.
Meanwhile, the lawn keeps growing. It’s slow but steady growth. I’m very happy to be relieved of endless watering duties, but I’d love a little relief from the damp so some drying of the topsoil could occur. However: There’s naught I can do and it seems to be growing well in spite of all the rain.

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