Saturday, December 15, 2018

14° Afternoon on Dec. 14!

A windstorm was predicted for eastern Vancouver Island on Friday. It’s all we talked about on the morning walk. We walked in a lovely break in the weather at 9:00 am. (Fred, who’s the size of a small horse and has to diet, was doing laps in the cabin when I left.) The walk was particularly fragrant with the sweetest, most seductive, forest smells.
Late in the morning I had a spa. It had been over a week since I’d had one—Ethel’s illness and horrid weather conspiring to keep me dry. It’s an exquisite experience, the silence and the cool fresh air on my face whilst so warm and cozy in the water.
And I went out and about in the yard with no coat. It was a balmy 14° in the afternoon and there wasn’t a spec of wind. 
All afternoon I braced for the storm and prepared for a power failure but we had neither wind nor rain. All the ferries were cancelled and the media were full of storm news in Vancouver, but we had not a breath of wind.
2018 is almost done. It was a fine year but I’m very excited about getting started with 2019 because that is the year that Steve, my ex (of long ago), is coming to visit from L.A. with Tim, his long-time partner. He’s not coming until the end of July, but I’m already excited to be in the year of his visit.
This morning Her Highness and I will go for a long walk and then I’ve some errands to do. There’s nothing but mild temperatures and rain in the forecast so the coming week will be as full of adventures as last week. Not.

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