Sunday, December 9, 2018

Ethel's Recovery Continues

She's also haved on the same on the other side, on her neck and on her leg.

This morning, Ethel is bright and ate heartily. She seems headed for a full recovery now. 
I am reborn thanks to Ethel’s state of recovery. I can go for walks without worrying and I take extra pleasure in being home with her. I’ve been lying down with her, once with her on my chest (heaven) and others by her side on my bed. I gently pat her and she purrs like a diesel truck.
She ate four times on Saturday afternoon and evening, and got both doses of her medicine. And I had a lovely break during the early evening: All three of my animals went to sleep so I watched Enchanted April.I’ve seen it before and absolutely loved it. This second viewing was just as satisfying. What a sweet treat of a film! And what a joy to be relaxed about my pets!
I went to bed confident and hopeful about Ethel after a bitterly sad start to the day due to her refusal to eat for a day-and-a-half. 
At 5:00 am this morning I heard the death scream of a young woman coming from the forest behind my house when I was fetching wood. That’s what it sounded like. But I think it was an owl. It was freaky/marvelous; I’m still enjoying some ‘firsts’ in my island life.
It’s almost the first day of winter and I’ve had neither snow nor any power failures so far this year. Last year—my first winter here—we’d had snow and three power failures by today’s date.

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