Sunday, December 2, 2018

Yay Volunteering!

Shrinking! Shrinking! Like Alice, this blog is shrinking. I’ve still suchan urge to write but my life is dull, dull, dull. I’m exclusively in my home or on a trail—either alone or with my dog-walking group.
On wait! I’ve something to share: My dog walking group is going to go to Dianne’s house after our walk this coming Friday. I think I’ll have fun with them; they’re all women and we get along fabulously. 
Tomorrow, three women from the arts council are coming to have a meeting and to see my ladies. We’re a sub group of the council’s fundraising committee, convening to see how we can turn a party that we host at the end of a Spring workshop festival into a high-yielding fundraiser. Every day, I’m a little more grateful for the social interactions volunteering for the arts council provides.
When I started posting found images to my posts, I wondered if I’d be able to maintain the custom. It’s been a snap and searching out images online has become a pleasant part of my every day.

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