Saturday, December 1, 2018

Slow Living

They lied. It was pouring rain this morning. It’s stopped now, but today is not beautiful and sunny as predicted for this first day of December—the month in which the holy trinity of Jesus, Bette Midler and I were born.
Yesterday was a typical “winter” day: A couple of dog walks, some errands and lots of downtime. It was routine butI did not have a seizure! It was my first seizure-free day in a while; it’s easy to understand why I like solitude.
Last night I discovered a new level of rot: I took my iPad to bed and watched a movie. I’ve had the iPad forever; I got it to enrich my conversations with Rita as she languished in care, but I’ve truly never used it since she died many years ago.
Life is magnificent here, but dull. I’ve naught to add….

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