Thursday, December 27, 2018


Yesterday, Sheba and I went to our dog-walking group unsure of whether or not anyone else would be there. But, in spite of it being a very dull and rainy Boxing Day, Regina and her dog Molly were there so we had a lovely walk together, just the four of us. 
Then, with nothing in the house to eat, I went shopping. The storm, however, means no dairy or frozen food yet, and there’s no fresh bread yet either. But the marijuana dispensary had a Boxing Day Sale of 20% off all their products.
In the afternoon I read more of Kate Atkinson’s novel, embossed the watercolour panels for the portrait/mural project and prepared an agenda for our upcoming mural organizational meeting. And two neighbourhood women came by to invite me (and Dianne who will be here) to a New Year’s Eve party.
The best part of the night was that whilst I worked on the portrait panels, Fred stayed beside me and played with my tools on the table.
It’s not raining and Kelly and Jay are coming for tea at 1:00 so I’m doing some baing this morning after walking Her Highness. I’m positively thriled the whole Christmas thing is over; now we just have to get through New Years—but I’ll be doing that with Dianne who’s up for checking out the neighbour’s party.
Last February I had a dreadful date with a fellow I’d been seeing for ten years, off and on. I’ve heard nothing since and accepted he was gone for good—eventually. It hurt for quite a while. He texted me for Christmas; it felt good to know we are over but still friends.
I’ve done some cleaning and tidying already this morning, in advance of the arrival of my visitors, and at one point I turned off the vacuum and went into my bedroom and there, in full resplendence, were Sheba, Fred and Ethel napping.  Everyone in this household—all four of us—have the same safe place.

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