Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Portrait Project Progress

I’m enjoying the music of Christmas this year. I’ve always loathed it in the past, but some of the carols can be beautifully arranged and the CBC is full of glorious choral music. The music and the unexpected sunshine yesterday made me decide to go to Drumbeg with Sheba instead of into the forest for our walk.
It was really lovely in the park, particularly the sound of winter waves breaking on the shore. We went for another walk in the afternoon and then into the village for groceries—and just in time. Waves of downpours began at sunset.
All evening I worked on embossing the portrait panels while I watched TV. My stack of drawing pads arrived yesterday so I began carefullyremoving the pages and embossing each one to create the entry “panels” for the self-portrait show. I’ve prepared two-hundred-and-forty sheets. 
I’ve the same number of envelopes into which will go the panels and directions. I’ll be applying a decal to the cover of each envelope to complete the entry packages.
I’m donating the money to sponsor the entry panels for all the students in the local elementary school. If we sell all the panels, we’ll make $1,700 and have absolutely no costs. We hope to make a further $2,500 on admission tickets for the party/show of the portraits and from bar receipts.
This morning I’m off to a community dog walk and then I get to enjoy another day at Pinecone Park with my pets. 

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