Saturday, December 8, 2018

The Sick House

Friday morning I left Ethel and Fred and went on the dog walk. After the walk, all of us—dogs and people— went to Di’s house for snacks and a chit-chat. 
Di’s house is gorgeous. There’s a hundred-year old massive inlaid pool table in the centre of the house—a house designed to showcase the table. The sunken living room has a tall towering wall of glass facing Degman Bay. I covet her home.
I came home and Ethel still refused food and, therefore, she remained un-medicated with her antibiotics. She slept all afternoon after a busy morning of activity because, as I wrote in my previous post, she’s very much alive and kicking now.
I was far more relaxed about the whole situation on Friday. Sheba’s eye infection still needs attention but it’s not running as much and Fred has made his peace with Ethel.
Patsy came for take-out dinner so we could monitor Ethel. It was lovely to share some wine and forget about the animal issues.
I went to bed exhausted. 
This morning Ethel shows signs of hunger but she won’t eat I’m worried the food she ate with vigor on Thursday is stuck inside her—or something like that. This is her second day without food. This morning, for the first time, she went up to the loft to sleep without any disturbance.
I’m afraid, that I’m going to lose her. I hope I’m wrong, but she can’t recover without nutrition. And she’s getting no medicine. I’ll continue to do all I can but it’s rather sad at Pinecone Park.

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