Thursday, December 13, 2018

Power Failure!

Wednesday night at 7:30, the power went off. It was the first power failure of the season. I have learned what to do.
I turned off all the things that had been on so that they would not start in the night if the power came back on. And I turned off the breakers for the hot tub. Then I got all my candles and flashlights, and some matches, and put them on the dining room table. I lit one candle with which to do my toiletries, and then went to bed.
This morning I was kept busy keeping both buildings warm and setting pails of water by the toilets (my water pressure is created with electricity). Then I settled in to read, once the sun came up and after a very wet dog walk.
I did not want to use my generator. Nor did I want to lose all the things in my freezer and fridge, so I decided that I’d get the generator going at 3:00 pm if the power did not return by then. But it came on at 11:30 this morning.
The hot tub’s warming up, the fridge is cooling down, the toilets flush and it’s absolutely pouring outside. The treetops fade into cloud; it’s a nice day to be indoors, snug as a bug by the fire. I’m finishing season two of Mrs. Maisel and more in love with the actors/characters than ever and I’m thrilled to pass these endless days of idleness alone, with my healthy pets.
I have wonderful boots for winter walking. I never ever slip in them and they keep me warm and dry. I also have waterproof pants and a good waterproof coat with a hood. Even in the pouring rain, I walk Her Highness and I’m quite okay with it. It’s not been cold this Fall at all, and I absolutely love coming home to the fire and a guilt free day or evening with my four-legged family.

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