Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Blue Sky!

Monday morning’s walk occurred during a delightful break in the weather. The sun shone bright as I left.; it was beautiful to see the trees shining resplendent in the low winter sunlight. (There’s only four more days until the solstice.)
As soon as I got outside I was grateful that the power was on. All over my yard was evidence of a windstorm Sunday night. I heard nothing but there’s a blanket of needles and cones on my courtyard.
The sunshine made the walk a wonder; I felt good to be out in the forest on such a day. And afterwards, we went to Patsy’s to feed her cats; she’s away. 
In the afternoon I had my teeth cleaned. Oh my God, I love their chairs. And I put up a brand spanking new bird feeder with two suet holders. I did not take Sheba to the vet. Regina, a knowledgeable dog owner on my morning walk said to ignore her rash. She thinks it’s an allergy—perhaps her eye infection medication and Sheba is clearly thriving.
Last night, I loved going to bed because there was a storm raging outside and I could hear the rain on the roof. I love that when the fire is roaring, casting flickering light from the living room onto the walls of my bedroom.
I awoke in a monsoon at 5:00 am. Then the rain stopped about 7:00. Now it’s almost 8:30 and all I can see is blue sky. I’ve got to get out there with Her Highness.
Sometimes I wonder with dread: Is this it? Is this it, for the rest of my life—day in and day out, alone with my pets forever? Other times I think: Man-oh-man am I lucky to be able to pass endless days of doing nothing in this paradise.

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