Friday, December 14, 2018


Fred is asleep on his blanket on a chair in the dining room; it’s his favourite place to perch in the mornings. Ethel is asleep on another of the dining room chairs and it lights me up inside to see them looking so calm and content. I’m still in the emotional penumbra of Ethel’s illness.
Today I have no agenda and it’s raining. That sentence applies to my every day now. However, when I go to bed I’m always happy at how easily, pleasantly (and quickly) the day has passed.
As I read about creating a vegetable garden I realize how much work this summer is going to be. Last summer, watering my gardens every day almost drove me mad. This summer there’s going to be twice as much garden watering to be done—vegetables need a lot of water to grow well. I’m definitely getting some kind of watering system rigged up for some of my gardens. 
Winter, therefore, is justifiably a time for rest. I should be fixing up my ladies but I don’t want to. It’s sad/odd: I finally have the studio I’ve long wanted but I’m not as driven to create as I was when I was Chris.1. I’m much happier to watch a movie. 
Or do nothing. It’s so easy to do nothing all day when the days are so short. One more week! Then comes the solstice and longer days.

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