Tuesday, December 25, 2018


What a joy: Pull a string and a light comes on in my closet. And I can shower in warm waterand flush the toilet. I got electricity for Christmas!
Now I have clean body, I’m listening to stunningly beautiful music, I’ve a fabulous book to read and my family of pets to play with all day—all in the warmth of the fire. This could be one of my nicest Christmases ever—just us, quiet and calm. 
Patsy came for dinner last night and it was really lovely improvising a veggie dinner together. We had gossip and bubbly for our first course and then had a delicious evening of things that we had on hand. And we ended with a delicious shortbread cake Patsy made, that we ate with whipping cream and a delicious purée of berries that had thawed in her fridge.
Today will be a day like any other. However: I’ll be very aware of my blessings all day.
And speaking of blessings … Darryl and Elaine came by just now (10:00 am) and he tried to get my generator going. He reinstated my faith in their value and got me to help him to lift the thing up onto his truck and he’s going to take it apart to try to fix it. He’s also going to come by to fix the hole in my roof.
Like I say: Blessings. He’s the best aspect of my life here without a doubt.
I cleaned up more branches in the yard and burned them. It’s going to take at least another couple of days of working to finish clearing up the whole lot.
At 1:30 this afternoon, Darryl backed into the driveway with my generator. It works perfectly again. There’s nothing this wonderful and talented man cannot do. There was a screen in the muffler that was completely blocked. He blamed the manufacturer because the machine is brand new and has only twenty hours of use.
I have, by the way, a very powerful generator. Who knew? Not me. So I’m back to having a Plan B when there are long-lasting blackouts such as the one we just had.

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