Monday, December 10, 2018

A Busy Day

Saturday began with joy: Ethel ate very well. Then Sheba and I went for a long, wet walk with the big dog-walking group.
I had a seizure on the walk and the creepy part was it went into my legs and I would have fallen over had not some of the other walkers kept me vertical. As we continued walking, I had to open my coat I was sweating so much from the exertion of seizing.
It felt wonderful to come home to heat and to shed my soaking wet gear. I built a huge fire and just settled in for the day with my pets.
Last night I went to bed at 8:00. I was exhausted from the nasty seizure and from a week of stress over Ethel (who, by the way, came to sleep with Sheba and I on my bed last night).
Today I am fasting before blood tests at 10:00 am; then I go to an arts council meeting at 11:00. And after that, I go to the vet for more pills for Ethel and for the vet to check on Sheba’s eye.
The arts council meeting is the big fundraising committee meeting. All the sub groups doing different projects attend. My sub-committee was charged with conceiving an event for April at the close of our Island of the Arts Festival (IOTA). 
I proposed that we do a community self-portrait show: The Gabriola Community Portrait Project. People would pay modest fees for an official portrait (paper) panel and we’ll mount all the self-portraits, salon style, in a venue where we have a party. 
At the IOTA closing, the arts council always gives an award to some workshop participants—I’m not clear on the criteria—and there is never an audience. Plus, the arts council has a considerable debt. So by having a big party to close the festival, we get an audience for the awards and money in the bank.
Ethel is doing very well. She’s taking her meds, eating well and moving around like a fit healthy cat. I continue to feel the joy of that and for the health of Sheba and Fred. 

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