Sunday, December 16, 2018

Routinely Dull

My place and pets keep me as busy. There’s always something to do, but nothing pressing so I can opt to read or play whenever I want. 
I actually got caught up on all my emails. My inbox is now empty; it’s like I’ve rid myself of a fungus. And I cleaned the house after a brief period of living in squalor. I put some little directional lights behind my office curtains and aimed them at the log walls. I love seeing the logs during these dark days of winter.
My Saturday morning walk was particularly lovely. There was unexpected sunshine and blue sky and, for the first time in my fourteen months walking this island’s trails, I listened to music—Gregorian chants. I loved it. I take my phone with me now when I walk because dialing 911 works even where there is no cell service.
It's quite a luxury, really, to walk for an hour, often on grass or with grass/moss growing on either side of the path. And in total silence, to boot. The low sunshine of winter gets directly into one's eyes. 
(When I got home, I left my ear buds out. Last night, the cats chewed them into about ten pieces.)
I enjoyed doing errands yesterday. And I finished watching Ethel and Earneston Netflix(a lovely animated feature, essentially about the two named characters, voiced by Brenda Blethyn and Jim Broadbent).
Late yesterday I happened to notice that Sheba has a nasty rash on her stomach. That’s the most recent bad news. 
The good news is that I heard from Dianne that she’s coming to pass New Year’s Eve together. I doubt we’ll make it to midnight, but we’ll start out 2019 here together and that’s nice. It’s the year Steve comes.
Today it’s pouring with rain. Pooey. But I go for a community dog walk soon and then I happily loaf through another day.

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