Wednesday, February 5, 2020

A Cool Damp Day on Gabriola

It snowed all day and last night but didn’t really stick—it’s wet. It’s supposed to rain for the rest of the week and then we’re predicted to get some sunny and cool days. More yard work.
Last night: No nightmares. Cathy, the mental health nurse, believes they will stop. It’s almost as though the anxiety that has disappeared from my days has retreated to the nights—but not every night, thank God.
I saw Cathy yesterday but I curtailed the weekly visits. I’m returning in two weeks and then, who knows. I may stop altogether because I feel so strong and stable.
I adored Howard’s End and am sad that it is over. I thought it was perfect entertainment, but my goodness the men come off poorly in that story (not that it matters).
I love Sanditon, too, more for the costumes, sets and its odd characters. It has nothing of the depth of Howard’s End, but I still look forward to it each week. Vienna Blood too; its quirky and I love crime dramas.
This gay man is amazed that a gay mayor with little public visibility and a very difficult name to remember or pronounce won the first Democratic primary. Go figure! Yes, the world is rotting with pollution, but there remain some things to celebrate.

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