Friday, February 7, 2020

Turner Night

Look at that. Several days in a row without rain! This, after January set a record for rainfall in the fifty-two years of rainfall record keeping on Gabriola. We had over 220mm of rain last month—42mm in just two days!
Last night I went to Eoin’s and Fran├žois’ new home for dinner. Sheba came and loved her time with their two Whippets, Walnut and Clovis, and I enjoyed meeting another Gabriolan—Puyming, my hosts’ neighbour. We had a great night together eating cassoulet. Yum! Eoin and Fran├žois are fabulous hosts and exquisite cooks. It’s intimidating to be their guest when it comes to returning the favour.  
Today I’ve shopped, cleaned, baking and had a migraine in advance of tonight’s Turner dinner party. I got so warm from the activity and from putting a large log on the fire that I had to open the doors and windows.
My shot of Azalea buds is blurry. Sorry.
Above and below: Narcissus shoots.


Although it may be hard to see because the signs of life are small, the photos above show you my Azalea about to burst it’s buds, my Clematis leaves and the Narcissus coming up in one garden; I have Narcissus and Croci everywhere in my garden. And when you realize this growth emerged in January, it’s tough to comprehend. I suspect Spring will be coming early and will be glorious.
I can hardly wait for tomorrow and a day of reading and doing yard work in sunshine. My new car tent has arrived and I will likely try to erect it so that my fabulous little car (a convertible) is protected from the rain and ultra-violet and infra-red rays of the sun.

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