Wednesday, February 26, 2020


Yesterday, like today, was cloudy, gloomy, damp and cool, but without rain. This may be our driest February ever. I lazed about, but in the afternoon I visited Anna to see her grandson, Angus, and his sister Lilly.
Angus is almost nine years old and he has walked with our dog walkers often. We all adore him. He is absolutely adorable and I love him completely. As I was about to leave, I said, “ I hope you’ll come on more dog walks with us soon, it’s been a long time since you joined us. Do you know why I hope you come?”
“Because you like me?”
“That’s absolutely right! And do you know why I like you?”
“Because I’m a good boy?”
“Yes, that’s right too, but also because you are kind and loving and wonderful.”
And I left feeling very good that I’d made this young man I love so much say out loud that I liked him. 
I’m uncomfortable with what’s going on with the pipeline protests and how we are treating the Wet'suwet'en people and their supporters. 
For one thing, I have great respect for protest—especially peaceful protest. For another, the Wet'suwet'en people live on land taken from then without any compensation or treaty. BC is unique in Canada for having vast tracts of land expropriated without a treaty. Also, people have very strong opinions on this issue (and many others) without much knowledge or historical perspective, it seems to me.
It irritates me that we, who have all the power, talk and nod affirmatively about reconciliation and thank our forbearers in advance of so many public events. We take pride in participating in acts of “reconciliation,” but when push comes to shove, when reconciliation threatens our prosperity or comfort, we balk. I fear history is repeating itself in our conduct with these Elders who were our land’s first citizens and careful protectors. The First Nations people have no power. We must recognize that. Protest is their only hope and has a strong and proud tradition.
It’s a very difficult decision for our government because our citizens are intolerant and many of us are ignorant. What can they do? I sympathize with Trudeau and his government being is such a difficult political place at the moment. Great leaders do what’s right, but they often consequently lose power, only to have their opposition overturn what is right. Witness Donald Trump!
I side with the Wet'suwet'en people because I am against the pipeline, especially coming from a government that talks so much about reconciliation and carbon neutrality. But what a mess we’re in.
The spring equinox will occur on March 19 this year. It's the earliest Spring equinox in the Northern Hemisphere in 124 years. Yay!

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