Saturday, February 8, 2020

Power Interruption

I call the wind, Pariah, and she blew in early this morning and waking me by turning the trees into her harmonica. I reached over to my light switch to verify what I was sure would be the case and sure enough, no light came on. I got up and lit some candles and lanterns and then took a nap. I was still tired from last night’s party.
But my nap was a brief one. I got up and calmly, armed with confidence, set up my extension cords and fired up the generator. Soon I had my Internet, computer and fridge fully operational. 
I went to the Hydro website and checked out the outage reporting; I saw that it was due to a single spot so I knew we’d have power back on by noon. But then, no sooner had I done that, than the power came back on. Our new updated system makes it much easier and quicker for crews to do repairs.
And because it is a gloriously sunny day (as predicted), as soon as order was restored, I hurried to get dressed and take Her Highness to her favourite park to chase the ball. What I knew would be a terrific day, was off to a fine start: I have lots of delicious left overs in the fridge, great books to read, a spa to look forward to and I’ll be reading the instructions on the assembly of my new car tent. And no socializing! I’ve the whole day to myself with Fred, Ethel and Her Highness.
Last night at five o’clock, the sky cleared. I was in the spa immediately. The timing was perfect because I was pooped from all the preparations I’d undertaken in advance of the arrival of the Turner siblings who came for dinner. 
I had to open the back porch door and my front door to cool the house down because I’ve been burning large rounds of tree that were cut down on my property last Spring by the handsomest man in the world. They are fantastic in that one lasts all day.
The party was relaxed and lots of fun. There are, all in all, nine Turner siblings and the majority of them are gay. I had three as my guests: Robert, James and Monica. I met them all through their sister Paula who’s bought a home here but not yet moved into it. 
I did not know Robert, but he is as lovely a man as his sister and brother. They are excellent, stimulating company. We had a great, great evening together and we’ve vowed to have regular potluck meals together.
The generator is back in its bed and all the extension cords are put away. Plus, I’ve chopped enough kindling to last me a month and done all the dishes, so now I’m ready to get back to Mr. Franzen and finish the second of his novels I’ve read. Thankfully, this storm has hit the south end more than my area so my lawns have been spared from a dumping of branches, cones and twigs. But: My neighbours camping van has been crushed by a tree. The cab is badly damaged but most of the camper escaped being damaged.

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