Wednesday, February 12, 2020


I’m not a protester. I once was, but I’m not any more. However, I’m behind the Wet'suwet'en supporters who are disrupting transportation corridors and the BC Legislature. The world belongs to us all and I’m fed up with many of our leaders and the compromises they make. I’d love the pipeline to fail and so I wholeheartedly support those who are taking action.
Pam and Patsy came for drinks at four-thirty and we had a great visit, all of us ex theatre people and compatriots of the glory days. And then we went for dinner at The Surf and sat before the fire. What a wonderful visit I had! Sue was going to join us but she got a flu bug and stayed home.
I’m happy for Bernie. He’s been fighting for a long time and this is sweet revenge on horrid H. Clinton. Joe Biden: Eight per cent in New Hampshire. Hurray! Goodbye Joe! And poor Elizabeth Warren, a real platform thinker rich in ideas, only getting nine per cent. Sadly, it’s goodbye Elizabeth; keep fighting the good fight. And Klobuchar? What does she stand for?
Last night my dreams were exhausting and truly overwhelming. In one I was in some kind of grisly Disneyland ride and I was unable to get out of it. Its many staff forced me to keep going through its obstacles. In another I was lost in a crowd of gazillion people surrounding Pete Buttigieg who told me his mother was gay. My daytime life may be boring, but my nightlife sure isn’t.
And today I’ve felt crappy all day. I had three glasses of bubbly last night and think I may have a hangover. I've had a mild  headache all day long.

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