Saturday, February 1, 2020

Weather Relief

After the torrential rain of yesterday, this morning has dawned brighter and there’s no rain (yet). There’s still naught but rain predicted, so these breaks are dear.
My Sweet Boxwood is blooming so my backyard, near my house, smells like Jasmine. It’s truly divine to come home and to exit the house to such a tropical smell. I absolutely love it and I take cuttings off it each summer to grow more around my yard.
I bought a tent to cover my car. It’s a convertible car, and I feel good about giving it some protection from the relentless winter rain. Recently, I started putting a tarp right on the car that I have to remove and replace each time I use the car. The tent is kind of ugly, but who cares? This is Gabriola! And it’s a smart move.
To test my improved mental health and to do some socializing with people, I’ve invited the Turner trio for dinner: Robert, Monica and James. They’re coming next weekend and I’m really looking forward to it. They are siblings of my good friend and their sister, Paula; they are vibrant and interesting people.
I am fluent with my fellow dog walkers and incidental people I meet at the park and I have been able to speak aloud to myself for two consecutive weeks now and these capacities prove my conviction of improvement. What I want to see is how things go with the Turners; I want to get through the evening fluently and without an indulgence.
Today, although it’s only 6°, I want to try to get more of the yard tidied up from the storms that now seem so long ago. I’ve done the whole yard except for the rather large lawns I laid last year, part of the front yard and the garden beds, so there’s still a lot to do.

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