Monday, February 24, 2020

to Nanaimo

The dog walk Sunday morning was very good for me. It helped clear my drug-idled brain. The double dose of HIV drugs had fried my poor cerebellum during my Saturday evening sleep. But whereas the cloud in my brain was dreadful, the clouds overnight made the morning warm and the cleared bright morning sky made the droplets of moisture on the leaves and needles twinkling laser beams. Plus, I walked knowing I’d be coming home to a spa and then just taking it easy for the remainder of the day.
It’s wonderfully satisfying to be able to move around my home and yard and only see a million things that need to be done. Instead, I’m taking pride again in Pinecone Park. The gardens need attending and I’ve more re-seeding to do in the backyard, but the place is looking great to my very critical eye.
This morning I’m off early to Nanaimo to go to the Mental Health Clinic for my assessment and then I’m meeting a long-time friend, Bev, for lunch. After that, I hope we’ll walk Sheba together. I expect to do well at the assessment, but my fluency comes and goes.
Sanditon ended satisfactorily. I am glad Charlotte did not end up with Sidney (but I’m sad she did not end up with Mr. Stringer whom I found far more desirable than Sidney.
Also, I found Charlotte to be a disappointingly flat character. She is bland whereas everyone around her is far more interesting; everything revolves around her but she barely develops whereas Esther Denham has a magnificent arc with Lord Babbington.
I read that iTV had hopes of a second season but the audience numbers in the UK did not warrant it. If the numbers were big here and in the US, they could, perhaps, find a partner in PBS and have the funds for a second season.
As for Vienna Blood, with Oscar’s rival becoming the new head of the police division, the trope of the enemy boss has become tiresome to me. Both lead characters are in conflict with their bosses and it’s a tiresome and boring source of tension. However, I still like the series and I thoroughly enjoyed Sandtion
My friend Bruce has cancelled his trip to Europe due to the Covid19 virus. I think he was wise to do so as his first month was in Italy and the virus is spreading considerably there. So yesterday I was busy making alternative plans for places to stay. It’s starting to get scary how far and fast this epidemic is approaching pandemic status.

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