Monday, February 10, 2020

Cooking Day

Well … what can I say? I ate my way through yesterday. Sigh. So much for trying to lose weight. But I finished Purity, so I’ve finished twelve hundred pages of Jonathan Franzen. I’ll be starting the third novel tonight. 
Last night I watched the Oscars and didn’t find it too embarrassing. I didn’t understand why we saw Eminem perform and I cringe when actors make speeches like Joachim Phoenix did (even though it was a rather good speech). At least he proved his eloquence unlike some other winners whose speeches were an embarrassment. Thank goodness I had Sanditonand Vienna Blood to watch afterward.
Fred loves everybody; he’s a very loving wonderful cat. He’s always curling himself up beside Ethel but Ethel has always been a solitary independent cat. But no more! She now practically lives on my desk while I’m on my computer and she’s started wanting to lie on my lap or beside me when I read. And now Fred has started doing the same, so my cats that hatebeing cuddled or picked up, have become, in their own way, very attentive and I could not be happier.
But poor Sheba has been evicted from the couch where I read, so I now move back and forth from the couch to the chaise longue so she, too, has some cuddle time with me.
I’m terribly proud and happy that we’ve become such a loving family. 
I cooked meals for the whole week this morning and took Sheba on two walks and now the sun has come out and it’s almost 10°, so I’m ecstatic. I’m heading into the hot tub before having a nice late afternoon nap.

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