Sunday, February 2, 2020

More Clean-Up

The ground is too wet to rake, so clearing my huge backyard involves picking up each piece of twig and branch one at a time. I need to rid the lawn of it all because the gazillions of Fir needles render the soil too acidic for the grass if I don’t. 
I got a great start and I burned all I recovered. It was a perfect day for burning: There was wind and it was blowing towards the forest, not my neighbours, pus everything in the forest was soaking wet from the downpour of yesterday, so it was a safe day to burn.
There is a lot—a lot—more work to do! However, I can take my time. So after an hour plus of bending, dumping and burning, I went shopping in the village—mostly for the joy of driving in the sunshine. Yes! Sunshine! It was sunny all day! 
Then I took Her Highness for her second walk and there were lots of other dogs for her to play with because the day was so bright and sunny. When I got home it was time to read. I was done for the day with labour and duties. First, though, I enjoyed a wonderful time in the spa.
And I’ll be back in it today because last night was clear (and cool) and today has dawned with an optimistic sky. Today’s large dog walking group will likely be popular. Tomorrow’s predicted to be sunny, so today I’ll think about going to Nanaimo to do some supply shopping. It would be a welcome change in routine for Sheba and I.
In the village yesterday, I found I still have trouble speaking. My speech was jerky, but I can get words and even phrases out. I was actually surprised because with my fellow dog walkers and my animals, I do very well. Using the phone is still troublesome but, frankly, who cares?

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