Saturday, February 22, 2020

The Sunniest, Driest February Imaginable

I spent last night listening to television whilst I glued together the pieces of two porcelain cups that I’d left outside through the winter. They were shattered by ice that formed inside them. I’ll be doing more work on them today to clean up the glue on the outside, but I’m happy with them as they are. They go with a stunning porcelain vase; I got all of them from a student at Emily Carr University when I was working there.
When I woke this morning, it was to dark cloudy skies and it clearly had showered overnight. I thought: Okay, a day of rest and reading by the fire; I can do that! 
At eight, I got a call on Facetime from David, my friend in London. We talk often and this morning I realized how wonderful the changes in telecommunication are for friendships. As a youngster, long distance telephoning was terribly expensive, so when friends moved away I lost touch with them. But free calling has changed all that, and video calling makes simple voice communication seem lackluster by comparison. 
David and I talked for forty blissful minutes.
By nine o’clock the sky had completely cleared, so today has been another day of relentless work. I tidied the studio, cleaned and vacuumed it and tidied my enormous and disheveled shed and cleaned more windows (when you heat with fire, the interior of the windows get a gazing of smoke). Plus, I rid my yard of the last of the Winter windfall.
Next to do, are the gardens. But they will wait for another day. I chose to quit early and have a rest before going on the afternoon dog walk. 

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