Tuesday, February 11, 2020

My Night Cinema

Last night, in dreamland, I had a lovely time in a park with Scarlet Johansson and an anonymous man that seemed, perhaps, interested in me. But then we witnessed an accident that killed a young woman. 
The cinema I attend each night has no exit doors and it doesn’t tell you what’s playing before you arrive; I’m compelled to attend by a force I do not understand and am helpless to ignore. And the curator is sometimes mean! 
There was an optimistic sky over Gabriola this morning. The predicted rain just hasn’t materialized these past few days so the trail lakes and rivers have abated enough to make trail walking enjoyable. Sheba and I had a long walk this morning before I came home to dive further into my third Franzen novel.
Then Patsy called and between us, we determined that our friend, Pam, is arriving today to visit her and that the three of us would have dinner together tonight in front of the grand fireplace at Surf Lodge—one of only two places I can remember holidaying at with Don and Connie Tyrell a million years ago. After we settled on our plans, I fetched my new car tent and perused the instructions.
They are daunting for one person to follow, especially if that person has painful arthritic hands, so I’m going to wait to assemble it until I can do it on a warm and sunny day. Instead of undertaking the tent’s assembly, I did some yard work whilst the sun was out and then went back to reading Mr. Franzen.
I cannot believe how beautiful the Varied Thrushes are. They come every day, looking like flying pumpkins in their absolutely glorious golden orange plumage. They love the suet I have out and overtake the feeders. They roust all their competition for food except the Stellar Jays. I’m so lucky and happy to be able to watch them every day.
Mid-afternoon the sun came out and it was 9°; in the sunshine, I felt I needed sunscreen because the sun was so wonderfully hot on my face. What a treat! And tomorrow may be as nice before we return to an extended period of cloudy days.

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