Thursday, February 13, 2020

Car Tent Done!

Well … I’m pretty sure that yesterday was my first hangover. What a horrible price to pay for three glasses of bubbly! It’s never happened before and now I worry about drinking sparkling wine again. Sigh. It’s the only kind of alcohol I like.

I did it. I was hard to do alone; I really needed a second person to help me but I managed somehow. My hands were freezing (even though today is sunny), so tying the lines was hard, but now my convertible car has a modest little tent in which to live. It will lessen the wear and tear on my soft roof from the ultra-violet and infrared rays of the sun and from the rain. I’m thoroughly chuffed that the tent, that cost only $129, gives me so much peace of mind about protecting my car. It also helps to keep the pitch and pollen off the car; they also can damage my soft roof.
The local (tiny) newspaper was full of interesting news this week. First of all, there was an announcement that the only automotive shop that announced last month that it was closing up shop over a dispute with their landlord is remaining open—at least for several more months. But a longer-term solution seems likely and I’m thrilled because dealing with a shop on the big island would be a drag.
Another interesting bit of news was that the local weed dispensary at Twin Cedars Mall (that I was so delighted to discover when I moved here) was raided by the RCMP and shut down. The closure was likely triggered by an application for a legal dispensary in the village. Happily for me, I don’t use weed any more so it’s of no consequence.
Thirdly: This Saturday my friend Judith’s publishing company is cooperating with the Gabriola Agricultural Co-Op is hosting a Food Forum at our local community hall. I can hardly wit. Food and seeds will be on sale and there will be a presentation about local plans for agricultural expansion on our island.
And finally, on February 27th, BC Ferries is hosting an open house to reveal the plans for the two new ferries and terminal expansion for the ferry route between our island and the big island. Our current single vessel is to be replaced by two smaller vessels that will double the number of daily crossings.

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