Thursday, February 6, 2020


I’m may be sick, but I loved reading this article in The Guardian about the hypocrisy of Justin Trudeau. Hypocrisy is even more disgusting to me than lying—Trump’s favourite activity. That’s also why I loathe Hillary Clinton. She and Trudeau are opportunistic two-faced phonies. All of them, addicted to power. Having power is all that matters.
Here’s a quotation from the article:
“Canada … elected a government that believes the climate crisis is real and dangerous – and with good reason, since the nation’s Arctic territories give it a front-row seat to the fastest warming on Earth. Yet the country’s leaders seem likely in the next few weeks to approve a vast new tar sands mine which [sic] will pour carbon into the atmosphere through the 2060s. They know – yet they can’t bring themselves to act on the knowledge. Now that is cause for despair.”
Tomorrow night, the Turners, three siblings, are coming to dinner. Tomorrow is also the end of my fifth week without Marijuana, so I thought I might have some as a party favour. But I’m not going to. Instead, I got a couple of bottles of Proseco and I’m going to really enjoy my first drug-induced escape in a long time.
I’m really happy to find my resolve to avoid Marijuana is so strong. And another thing, I’ve been successful with another goal: I haven’t had any cookies, cake or pie for a week. I am, however, making Pavolva for the dinner party. I’m allowing myself treats when I have company.
It feels so good to do well for myself—late in life, yes, but still good.
And tonight I’m going to Eoin’s and Francois’ to eat cassoulet. Yum!
Let’s send Jenny McCarthy and Robert Kennedy Jr. and all the other anti-vaccine ignoramuses and their families to Wuhan to work. 

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