Saturday, August 22, 2020

Back to Sunshine!

Woo hoo! My new Hoka shoes arrived yesterday, as did the new battery for my weed whacker—and the battery works. I should have advised you to sit before reading that, I know. At Pinecone Park without guests and with rain, arrivals are bignews.  

By noon, the sky had brightened up and the rain stopped, and slowly over the course of the afternoon, blue sky slowly emerged. Regardless, I lit the fire and settled in for a nice soft afternoon with pets, television and a spa before taking Her Highness out for her second walk of the day.

The walk was fabulous because the intense sunshine baked scents out of the forest floor and the revitalized flora after a day and a half of rain. I chose the right time to walk because the clouds thickened again, and the sky drew dark.

This morning there’s not a cloud in the sky, so I’ll go for a nice long early walk with Her Highness and then spend the bulk of the day scraping the deck and then weed whacking the front of the yard. And the good weather is predicted to last for quite a while! Hooray!

Another thing about this morning: It’s ten degrees outside. Ten! It’s heartbreaking to feel the season slowly slipping away. 

I watched Dirty John: Betty – The Betty Broderick Story on Netflix. It’s a powerfully told story revealing how a sane and happy wife is be turned into the murderer of her ex and his second spouse. It is a complex case that justice makes worse.

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