Sunday, August 30, 2020

Floating Tacos

There was quite a wind yesterday, and it felt “cold” in the morning. It was thirteen degrees, when I took Sheba out early for her walk; the windchill made it feel very coldfor August. It was really windy! Nanaimo was without power.

I watered the gardens to pass time before leaving to catch the ferry and chopped a lot of kindling for the incoming season. I got to the terminal as the ferry arrived (eleven-thirty), parked right at the landing and enjoyed the windy choppy ride in nice warm sunshine.

I went to the store I wanted to visit and then went down onto the docks where there is a floating Mexican restaurant with a takeout window. I got two Halibut tacos and a lime drink and ate on the lawn by the ferry terminal. I had snacks for her Highness. We ate beside a lagoon with blooming Water Lilies. Sheba was very, very well behaved.

We caught the next ferry back, at one, and I was home with the cats by two. 

I had great fun. I’m going back next week on a weekday when its free for Seniors, and I’m going to stay longer to explore and we can go to the park for a while. I know nothing of Nanaimo, so exploring a little is a really nice pedestrian day trip for us.

Today has dawned spectacularly, yet again. We’ll go on the big community dog walk as our single excitement of the day and I’ll likely start working on the front yard. But gently. The cold temperatures and late sunrises tell me the season is over. I am very satisfied with all that I’ve done this year.

I’ll keep working until it gets too cold and wet, but on little things. I’m not starting another project. I can hardly wait for next Summer already. Each year, the plants come back to much stronger and fuller than the year before; I can see the maturing process vividly in my young gardens.

I told John and Bunny that Eoin and I had harvested two kilos of Chanterelles. Bunny wrote back to say: “Yesterday we bought a few chanterelles for our Friday night pizza and they were $23 a pound, so at 2.2 pounds per kilo, your foraging made $101.20 for you!” 

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