Saturday, August 15, 2020

Rash Improvement

 It’s going to get hot again and the weather looks ideal for the coming visits of Dana, Jane and Dianne. I’m very excited about having visitors during weather that allows us to live outside. 

Friday morning began with cleaning the fireplace, washing the porch decking, sterilizing the fridge and then weeding the Fern garden—all before Dr. Majic called. 

He called, and things weren’t as simple as I thought they’d be. I sent him a photo of my rash and he was hesitant to diagnose over the phone. So, he recommended I try a steroid cream and go into the clinic to see a doctor in person in another week!

He left me feeling rather sad about enduring this for another week. But Simon, the Pharmacist, made me feel very optimistic about Dr. Majic’s prescription. Simon said, as he gave me my prescription, “I assume you’ve been treating your Eczema for a long time.”

“All I know, is I have a rash. I don’t know what it is, but my doctor said to try this cream,” I replied.

“Well this cream is ideal for controlling Eczema.” And then he told me how to use it, that it’d clear up in eight to ten days. 

“You’ll only have to use it once a day after that, forever.”

“Forever? Are you kidding?”

“If it’s Eczema, this cream controls it, but doesn’t cure it and Eczema often persists. But this cream will clear up your rash and you’ll have no more problems if you use the cream just once a day after that.” I thanked him for his optimism. He made me feel confident of recovery; I desperately wish to be rid of this.

After his call, I spent all my time cleaning up the Campion garden—and getting more plants and soil for it. What a hell hole of weeds it is between all the Campion. I took out decades of built up decaying needles and cones.

I got a great start, but it’s slow, slow going. I can’t move easily where I’m working without killing something, and I have to get low to the ground to really clean out every bit of grass, vines and weeds. It’ll look fabulous eventually.  

By four o’clock, I was dead on my feet. I’ve been pushing myself for days and needed a spa, a good dinner and some down time in front of the television. 

Today’s goal: Planting a lot of new plants and then, assuming time permits, harvesting my Garlic and transplanting all my Raspberries into the bed where the Garlic was. The Raspberries have not done well in bottomless pots on the ground, so they are going into the raised beds and my herbs are going into the pots. 

It’s very warm this morning. I guess it will be hot today. But absolutely nothing matters to me because the cream prescribed by my doc and predicted to work by the pharmacist is working! My skin both looks and feels better this morning after only two applications of salve. Woo hoo!

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