Thursday, August 20, 2020

Dianne Departs

 Wednesday turned cloudy but stayed warm. 

I went on the community dog walk, then came home to do some errands before Dianne and I went to pick Blackberries for our dessert. When we got home, I made us a lunch that we ate on the porch before heading to Drumbeg Park for a walk with Sheba—the blackberries and cream, our delicious dessert.

We got home in time for a short rest before Mog arrived for a visit. We all sat together on the deck. Dianne and Mog are friends from way, way back. After Mog left, we had a simple dinner and then settled in to finish the miniseries we liked on Netflix.

When we went to bed, it had started to rain, and this morning dawned dark due to thick ominous looking clouds. But by seven-thirty, there was lots of blue sky so Di’s last day here won’t be too bad it seems. It’s been a fabulous, wonderful visit and she says she wants to come more often. Yay!

Tonight, I’ll be alone again. I’ll miss Dianne. Then routine will set in again.

I look forward to more work on the deck. It’s great work. I can sit or very comfortably kneel to do it. And soon I’ll be seeding the land I’ve prepared for more lawn. Looking ahead, we expect a good long stretch of nice weather, so more Summer fun is ahead.

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