Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Pack Animal

I got started early yesterday morning (seven am). I was very excited for the day of cleaning up the yard for Dianne’s visit.

Before the soil arrived, just after nine, I’d vacuumed all the bits of forest out of the hot tub and topped it up with fresh water, raked up all the cones off the driveway; raked clean all the aisles of the edible garden, changed the water in the fountain so that its nice and clean for the birds, and taken Her Highness out for a nice morning meander in the forest.

I was sweeping the courtyard and deck when the soil arrived. I had it dumped onto a large tarpaulin in the driveway. I was super excited to start spreading it onto the land under the fruit trees. And so, began the process: Fill the wheelbarrow, wheel it to the fruit tree area and then spread it everywhere I want to seed—particularly thickly where the land always seems so dry; return to the dirt pile, and repeat.

I schlepped all day, but I took breaks and did laundry. As I was hanging the washing on the line, I was cheered or jeered by Jays. The Stellars are back and wanted food, so I cleaned and refilled all the bird feeding stations before going back to being a pack animal. By twelve-thirty, I was pooped. I had a shower, changed my clothes, had lunch and then got back to it. I enjoyed the work; there is no deadline.

By two, I was almost out of steam. Oh, for a huge slice of chocolate cake as a reward for work-to-date and to encourage me to go on (for another piece). But there are no baked goods at Pinecone Park anymore. Sigh. I took a break and had a huge long delicious cold drink and got back to work.

I did seven more wheelbarrows full and then crashed. It was time for a spa. Oh my God, it was time for a spa! My body was aching. I didn’t finish the job. I will today. I’ve not too much more to do.

Sweeping the courtyard and deck made Pinecone Park look particularly good, in the same way vacuuming is the crowning touch to making an interior room shine. And, praise Jesus, the Ivy is growing beautifully up my fountain. I foresee a not too distant summer when I’ll have a fountain emerging out of greenery. 

Pinecone Park has never looked more beautiful (except the lawns are dead until the rains come). And … wait for it … a rare delight on Gabriola: You can walk on my lawns, barefoot. There are no twigs or cones—not even half-buried ones.

There are days when it takes all I have to walk from the couch to the bed, but yesterday, I was a whirlwind of energy. It was a great, great day, and I love the thought of how many calories I burned. Getting into the spa at the end of the day was a wonderful treat. And all the bits of forest fall are gone! Woo hoo! 

I took Sheba for her second walk of the day, made myself dinner and settled into a gentle evening in front of the television, proud of all I’d accomplished during the day and looking forward to doing more today.

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