Monday, August 24, 2020

Dinner with Sue & Pam

Sunday was bright but overcast. When I got home from the dog walk, I had lunch and then settled in to read the instructions for using the weed whacker. Then I put them down and got snacks and a New Yorker instead.

I love these cooler days. I light the fire, but I read and go online at my desk near an open window that admits a smorgasbord of scents from the forest in air that hasn’t required that I change the filter in my air purifier since I moved here. In Vancouver, I had to change it every six months.

In the afternoon, I watched a documentary about one man’s experience with Ayahuasca, a hallucinogenic drink that advocates say can heal past trauma. It was really interesting. I admire James, the protagonist of the movie, very, very much; I credit his determination and bravery to try the unknown as much as the drug itself, for his positive outcome.

Sheba and I went to the park to play chase the ball to tire her out. It made her sleep whilst I went to the Surf for dinner with Pam and Sue. The three of us go way, way back to the seventies in Vancouver where we were all involved with theatre. It was really nice to be together and we’re meeting at the Surf again today for lunch.

I’m glad Peter MacKay lost the leadership race for the Conservative Party of Canada, but right off the top, Erin O’Toole has revealed that he’s a liar just like Donald Trump. He started lying about the nature of his campaign to journalists. He’s following the Trump playbook. We’re in for a dirty ride with him, I reckon. But hey, another fat old white guy with a massive sense of entitlement; what can we expect?

A gorgeous Pileated Woodpecker, afire atop his head, has discovered my suet and is a frequent visitor every day. He’s huge and to be so close is moving in the extreme for me.

Today dawned wet and dark. It rained a little last night and that was unexpected. But it cleared up by seven am and so, after the dog walk, I tried the new weed whacker on the boulevard in front of my house and YOWZA! It’s a wonder of a machine! It’s going to make a lot of things I’ve been doing far, far easier to do. And it was “free;” thanks to Aeroplan points.

Pam and Sue have naught to do tonight, so at lunch I may invite them over if they want something to do. We could get pizza. Otherwise, a movie selected from this wonderful website of movie recommendations. (It has a filter, on the left, you can use to remove titles on servers you cannot access.)

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