Wednesday, August 19, 2020

My Best Day Yet on Gabriola

Tuesday was one of the best, most fun days I’ve had on Gabriola. 

Dianne, a wonderful, compatible friend, was here, and Jane and Dana arrived bright and early for our day together. We had a great, great visit. It was really wonderful to show J&D around; Dana hadn’t been here for ages and he appreciated all my work. It was so, so great to hug people and be with soul mates. 

At noon, I had to go to the dentist. Whilst I was there, my three fabulous guests barbequed lunch. I’d stocked all we needed for a classical Summer feast: Hamburgers! And Jane brought us a delicious Watermelon and Mint salad and we had my Peach and Almond tart for dessert with Vanilla ice cream.

Jane and Dana left not long after three. Dianne retreated for a nap and some reading on a chaise in the garden and I cleaned up, watered the gardens and then Di and I climbed into the spa before a light dinner and television.

My weight loss has slowed again but continues—just slowly. Every little bit loss gives me motivation to carry on. I’ve lost twenty-four pounds and I want to lose another twenty. More good news for me: My rash is healing well.

Today, Di’s third day here, has dawned clear and bright! Today, Di’s friend, Mog, is coming over for a visit. Otherwise, I am unaware of any other plans for day three together. We’ll improvise, but we’ll end with another dinner together and then more of the Netflix series we began last night. 


It’s supposed to rain tonight (well, be showery) and stay that way through Friday. I’m thrilled to get a break from gardening and come Tuesday or Wednesday, when the sun returns, Eoin is taking me Chanterelle harvesting! I’m excited about that!

It’s going to be lonely when Dianne leaves—especially as I may be trapped indoors by poor weather. I am, however, seriously looking forward to scraping and brushing the rest of the deck and its stairs. The work I do vastly improves its appearance and my sense of pride in my yard. Not a soul notices, though, unless I point out a section of the untouched condition.

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